Apple and Cinnamon Apricot Muffins/Muffins pommes-abricots à la cannelle

One of the first things people who are new to gluten free baking ask is “Is there an all-purpose flour for gluten free baking?” And my answer is usually….well….no…because I don’t think the ‘one size fits all philosophy applies to gluten free baking, plus…I always find that creating your own gluten free mix and discovering new tastes and flavours is half the fun!..But…some of you have confessed that you don’t really feel confident baking gluten-free from scratch can’t always source the flours needed in a recipe or quite simply have no idea where to start. So in response to your dilemma, I’ve created a gluten free muffin recipe that uses only one flour…yep..that’s right, just one.

Which one? I hear you cry.

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