My brief love affair with hemp milk

Hemp Bliss? I think not

I’m not vegan or lactose intolerant but I’m not really a huge fan of milk either and well… I love to experiment and was eager to do more than just peruse the alternative milk shelf in the supermarket. So I did hours and weeks of study and will now share with you my extensive google findings!

In the hierarchy of non lactose…

Soya comes out on top as being the best non-dairy replacement health wise and a good baking substitute.

Hemp coming in a close second with a nice thick texture, a good source of protein and here’s the best bit….drum roll please….each glass contains 46% of your calcium RDA and it’s the only non dairy alternative to contain all 10 amino acids, which apparently is a big deal.

So the taste test commenced this lovely rainy morning with my trusty bowl of porridge to assist me but I think tasting the milk before adding it to the porridge was where I went wrong and well the only word I can think of to describe it is…. FOUL! It has this gritty chalk-like taste and this nasty grey colour which makes you feel more like your drinking dirt than milk.

Nonetheless I tested the old hemp with the porridge and actually didn’t find it to be THAT bad…..when eaten with lashings of agave of course. To be fair to the old hemp, I did buy the unsweetened version so the sweetened versions may test better, but I think I’ve been so traumatised by the experience that I’ve decided to leave hemp where it belongs, in the ground that is! And move on to my personal favourite: Almond Milk which actually came a close third in the milk alternative list,…yeah maybe there’s just a small amount of protein and it’s hard to get all the nutritional benefits of almonds from the milk itself but it does taste yummy.  But when it comes to almonds it’s pretty hard for me to be objective so I’ll leave the floor to you. What are your experiences with the unfinished dirt milk or other non dairy subs?



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