Double Hazelnut and Ginger Cookies/Cookies aux deux gingembres et aux noisettes

So I think I owe an apology to all cookie aficionados as I have now become a lover of the common cookie! I’m thinking the reason I wasn’t into them was because I’d never actually tried homemade cookies before and well I made some over the Christmas holidays and they were delicious!

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Hasselback Potatoes/Pommes de terre au four “à la suédoise”

It seems that now I’ve embraced the snow, the snow has embraced me!…or us shall I say…and has taken my post quite literally ‘letting it snow’ fairly consistently in the last few days till those dainty flakes I talked about have suddenly converted overnight into blankets of snow!

Leaving the house has turned into a test of survival, my teeth chatter so loud, they speak without me talking, my showers are no longer restricted to the morning but now also serve as handy ‘defrost mechanisms’ for when I need a quick shot of heat! But… I’m not complaining, the snow novelty hasn’t worn off just yet, plus we Brits never complain 😉 It just means that now the holidays are here and we’re being told not to leave the house unless necessary. I don’t go out as much and can spend more time baking! … 🙂

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Christmas Mendiants

Dear Reader, I woke up this morning and realised I was in love….with a box of chocolates! Not just any old chocolate but a box of mendiants, which incidentally I discovered completely by accident. You know when you go into a non gf shop and you find something gluten free? In your excitement you buy it, why? Well quite simply because it’s gluten free!…ok so the roasted almonds didn’t hurt and the dark chocolate kinda sealed the deal but either way I’m glad I bought them.

I realised this after discovering my hand had involuntarily finished half a box without my knowledge or consent. I guess I should have known, seeing that roasted almonds and dark chocolate is my all time favourite snack. I discovered this while living in Tunisia, with a bag of Jeff permanently glued to my hand and the smell of freshly roasted nuts floating flirtatiously through the air at every turn. The partnership just seemed inevitable.

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..with Warm Citrus Cake/Gâteau aux agrumes

OK so I’ll be the first to admit I’m not generally one of those people who sits at home, crossing their fingers, hoping for a White Christmas.  Partly because…. well I’m never in the U.K and partly because when snow arrives, her partner ‘mind-numbing cold’ is never too far behind (snow just sounds feminine 😉 ) The thing is, me and cold have never really got along, which is why it’s taken me this long (about 5years) to re-experience snow at winter.

And I have to say it’s pretty cool. There’s something about stepping out of your house and seeing this soft fluffy ice, floating through the air that makes you smile and forget the cold.

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