Support for Haiti/On se mobilise pour soutenir Haïti

Huge swaths of Haiti's capital lay in ruins on Wednesday following a devastating earthquake: Photo: Damon Winter/The New York Times

I’m sure you’re aware well aware of the recent news of the earthquake in Haiti. Aid workers are currently being stretched to their limits and it’s evident that they are in dire need of resources.

Having lived in the Caribbean and with close friends from Haiti, I know only too well how much devastation an earthquake of this size can cause to an island such as Haiti.

If you like me have been wondering what you can do to help. Leave a comment on my blog with a message of support for Haitians and Haiti and I will donate £1 (sterling)for every comment left, to the Haiti relief effort (I’ll update you once this has been done). Thanks in advance


EDIT: The closing date has arrived for this post, so I’d like to sincerely thank you all for all your comments and messages (17 in total :)), I originally said I’d donate £1 for every comment but I’ve since decided to stick a zero on the end to make it £10, hopefully making the donation more effective in the current situation.

I chose the Yele Haiti Earthquake fund to donate  the £170/$272 dollars to and will copy some info from their site so you know what they’re all about.

We thank you and gratefully acknowledge your generous contribution to Yele Haiti. Yele Haiti is a movement led by Wyclef Jean that is helping to bring hope back to Haiti. Projects are designed to make a difference in the fields of education, health, environment and community development. Yele Haiti (previously known as the Wyclef JeanFoundation) is a 501 (3) tax exempt charitable organization. No goods or services were provided, in whole or in part, in return for this contribution.Your gift is fully tax deductible as provided in the Internal Revenue Code. Thank you once again! Sincerely, The Yele Haiti Team

Thanks everyone! 🙂


Je suis sûre que vous êtes tous au courant du séisme récent en Haiti. Les efforts humanitaires ont des moyens limités et c’est évident qu’ils sont en manque cruel d’approvisionnement en produits de base.

Ayant déjà vécu aux Antilles Françaises. Je sais très bien comment un tel séisme peut ravager une île comme Haïti.


EDIT: Si vous vous demandez, comme moi, ce que vous pouvez faire pour aider la situation. Laissez un commentaire avec un message de soutien pour les Haïtiens et Haïti et je ferai un don de £1 (un livre sterling) pour chaque commentaire. (Je vous mettrai au courant quand c’est fait ).Merci d’avance

La date de limite est arrivéé pour ce post et  j’ai vous remercie tous pour vos commentaires et messages de soutien (17 au total). Au départ j’avais precisé £1 pour chaque commentaire, mais depuis j’ai decidé de rajouter un zero de plus et changer le montant  à £10 pour chaque commentaire, pour que le don soit plus efficace dans la situation actuelle.

J’ai décidé de donner le £170/196€  à la  fondation Yélé de Wyclef Jean.

Merci beaucoup!


17 thoughts on “Support for Haiti/On se mobilise pour soutenir Haïti

    • @Zahirah. I guess it depends on the amount of comments but I was going to it online using bank details, you should do it too! A few comments are better than none 🙂

      Thanks to all of you that have come and made comments so far. I’ll keep this open a little longer with the hopes of generating more money

    • Oh of course, because you actually visited Haiti recently! So it’s kind of worse for you because you can visualise the affected areas. Thanks for commenting, I hope and pray that things get better for them soon.

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    • Hey Andrea, thanks for your comment. Time limit? hmm…maybe if there were like 100 comments I’d set a time limit but for the time being I’m just interested in raising as much money as possible, so I guess I’ll set a provisional time limit of a week for now.

  2. Why didn’t I know about your blog before? It’s great! I love almond meal. I love the use of tea in baked treats. I read French and English, both. And most of all . . . I LOVE what you’re doing for the people of Haiti. Generosity has a way of rippling across the world; bless you for yours.

    • You’re sweet. On est tout simplement sur la même longueur d’onde ma chère 😉 Give me almonds in any form with pure dark chocolate (70%!) and I’m pretty much in heaven! Thanks for your comments, drop by anytime and we’ll share a ‘tea’ cake or three 😀

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