Coffee Shop Brownies – a review


Me and gluten free baby were having a chat, a while back about the uninspiring selection of brownies us gfreers are being offered in coffee shops these days.  OK so maybe I was complaining and she was well nodding…and laughing at my personal description of the last brownie I’d tried, which truth be told was quite a while ago, so…solely for the purpose of educating my readers, I went to the top three coffee shops in town and bought a brownie from each one

from left to right: Costa, Caffe Nero, Starbucks, then Starbucks gf belgian cake

Caffè Nero are currently edging to the front because their brownies are sealed, so there are no problems of cross contamintation, and Starbucks gets points for bringing out a new belgian cake as well as the ever present gluten free brownie, but apart from that they were really all much of a muchness.

I did get a bit carried away and trotted over to Leon’s and le Pain Quotidien which was one of my fave eating spots when I could eat gluten and bought one of their gluten free brownies too and let me tell you, there was a HUGE difference.

Firstly they look more appetising than the coffee shop bunch, then Leon’s gets extra points for sealed packaging and for using Valrhona chocolate 🙂  but le Pain’s brownie was so cute, they just beat the other guys hands down. But if you don’t happen to have a Leon’s of a le Pain near you, I’m working on a brownie that should hopefully match them….

What have been your experiences with coffee shops brownies? Have you found any you liked?


7 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Brownies – a review

  1. LOL! @Zahirah. Won’t be breaking out the curry just yet! I’m waiting for you to give me the all clear 😉
    Brownie recipe’ll be posted soon ladies,…sooner than you think!

  2. I did a smiliar experiment when I was living in Australia, with flourless orange cake. I admit I didn’t worry tooo much about cross contamination but let me tell you, when you hit the jackpot with the one you love, there’s no turning back…:) I still miss that slice of orange heaven…now that I’m in Singapore.

    • I’m always doing experiments like these, the last one was to try every item in my local bakery…hmm…that’s probably why I’m gluten intolerant now! lol! No but seriously the best country I visited for gluten free food was Sweden and that was mainly breakfast things, so I guess I’ll keep looking for my orange heaven!

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