sneaking off on holiday…

I know some of you have been wondering where I’ve been and some of you didn’t even notice I was gone! *sniff*.

…Well…I was off taking advantage of the Bank hols and celebrating my birthday in style! Yep that’s right, older and wiser and for once I didn’t bake anything because it was all done for me.  Have a look at this beauty:

Please note: This cake was a lot prettier BEFORE I took a huge chunk out of it! 🙂

The Glutenites got the chef at the hotel to make me a birthday cake. Gluten free! Not sure how they managed that, but it was a lovely surprise.  I can’ t say my language skills improved a whole lot, but I did learn to say gluten free in another language, so if I ever need to have a conversation involving only the words gluten free in seven different languages, I’m pretty much sorted!

Here are a couple of pics I took while I was away, maybe some of you will recognise the destination….

And now…..

for the obligatory food shot….

Don’t get too excited, they’re not gluten free, but they looked so good, I thought I could at least enjoy them in photo form!

I say for once I didn’t bake, but I did sneak in a recipe before we set off 😉 …

I’ll be posting soon…


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