Move over genius, there’s a new bread in town..

Yes folks, you read it right. I have discovered a bread to rival the gluten free god that is genius. ….

image taken from

….So as you facebook followers know, I decided to pop over to the gluten free and allergy show this weekend.  I’d planned to take a thousand pictures, including the one I’d imagined in detail,  of me grinning from ear to ear, firmly shaking the magic hands of Lucinda-Bruce Gardyne, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. The venue was pretty small and there weren’t any new, gluten free products that I hadn’t already tried or already heard of, that is until I got chatting to Mats from Garbo and discovered a new bread that may just have the ‘genuises’ shaking in their boots.

I can’t say which is better, partly because genius changed my life and partly because, they’re both so different, one is a soft and chewy, ideal for making sandwiches, whereas the other has that rustic bakery taste with the quality and texture of the wholegrain loaves I remember eating in what was once, my local french bakery. Garbo is a swedish creation, which doesn’t really surprise me, because one of the best gluten free breakfasts I ever had was in Sweden, those guys seriously know what they’re doing, they were coming out with gluten free products, before most of us were diagnosed!

Maybe the name’s not as catchy as Genius, or the packaging as sexy, and unless you speak fluent swedish, sauntering over to their website doesn’t help much, but the fact that they completely sold out on the first day and by the second day they had people like me, begging for scraps, tells you all you need to know! Just remember folks, you heard it here first.  What will they come up with next? A gluten free baguette, ok I’ll stop now, my brain got a bit giddy just from the thought of it! With the Genius/Starbucks sandwich and Garbo on the way, things seem to be looking up for us gluten free folk 🙂

In other news, I bumped into these in my local coffee shop…

You all know me as The Curious Baker, but in venetian london coffee shops I’m also known as the annoying person that comes in weekly to ask if they have anything gluten-free. I regularly see that not you again, rolling of the eyes look,  as I ask the same question and get the same reply, er…salad?( What can I say, not everyone has a Starbucks round the corner from them!) But THIS time dear readers,  I quickly noticed they were smiling BEFORE I entered, all it took was a wink and a certain look in the right direction for me to know that my luck had changed. No! I screamed in disbelief and left with one of everything!

Verdict? A little too sweet for my not THAT sweet tooth, and not packed full of the wholegrain goodness I like to see on my gfree labels, but it offered choice and a chance for me to try out a new gluten free brand. Well that’s my round-up for now.I’ll post a recipe soon once the sun becomes less of a distraction 😉

6 thoughts on “Move over genius, there’s a new bread in town..

  1. Exellent, I can’t wait to try it.

    It made me sad when Sainsburys stopped stocking Doves Farm (or was it crimbles?) white loaf as that was DELICOUS and far exceeded genuis’s white loaf.

  2. You know I’ve never tried the genius white loaf, because I try to avoid refined processed food where possible, I have baked the white loaf from Lucinda’s cookbook though and that was pretty good. Wish I’d tried the dove’s farm/crimbles loaf when it was around…at least there’s garbo to look forward to now 😀

  3. I tasted this early this year at the food expo.
    I couldnt believe how good it tasted, it was FANTASTIC i was over the moon, however I havent been able to find it anywhere 😦

    Do we know if this is going to be stocked in the UK?


  4. Hey Alix! Wasn’t it divine? I’ve been told by the powers that be that they’re in talks with some big guns in the U.K. at the moment, so once all that’s done, we should be seeing it over here. I’m hoping soon, but no specific dates yet. Once I know, you’ll all be the first to know 🙂

    • Yes it was, i was godsmacked! The guy must have thought I was such a nutter! I’m amazed from that expo they didn’t get a deal! I’m also surprised amazon hasn’t picked it up with there new grocery dept!
      I am sick of craving ham sandwiches, and good toast haha!
      On the Garbo website it states gff direct may supply it, I have emailed them to see what the situation is, I will let you know if I hear anything!
      Al x

  5. Cool! Looks like you’re one step ahead of me. I’ve recently tried Tesco’s new freefrom loaf and it’s not bad. Not as good as Garbo’s but good enough for toast? Looking forward to hearing some good news about the garbo bread!

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