Golden Meringues/Meringues Dorées

Normally, I don’t like meringues.  When I think of a meringue recipe it always conjures up images of incessant whisking and sugar overload.  So now you’re probably thinking, why post a meringue recipe right?

Weellll, maybe I was a little hasty in declaring war against the meringue, plus I found two really good reasons to make meringues and love them for the first time in the life…

One of these reasons was my discovery of golden icing sugar by Billingtons, it comes from their unrefined sugar range and as far as I’m concerned cuts the sugar guilt factor in half. You see, me and sugar have only recently made up and part of that reason is that together, we both decided that unrefined sugar was the perfect compromise.

Most of the time, before I post a recipe, I generally try the recipe with and without sugar and settle on the one which tastes better or where I feel the sugar is needed as it adds to the recipe or the quality of the overall product. 98% of the time the sugar is not white, so a recipe that contains a little over a cup of white refined icing sugar kind of freaks me out.

But armed with a box of golden icing sugar and a good dose of selective amnesia, for my love/hate relationship with soft/stiff peaks . I came up with this easy golden meringue recipe.

There are many different meringue recipes and methods, but I won’t bore you with the details or pretend I’m an expert of any of them, plus I tend to go for uncomplicated route, call it the CB method if you will, no  mixers, pastry bags  or cream of tartar involved, just basic ingredients and a bit of old-fashioned muscle power, to help produce a wonderfully soft pillowy texture and flavour that you’ll love, without having to be on sugar rehab for a week ….Enjoy!

Golden Meringues


For those of you can’t source golden icing sugar and don’t have sugar hang ups, normal icing sugar will do fine!

  • 3 eggs, separated
  • 120g/1 1/2 cups golden icing sugar

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

Preheat your oven to 110°C/230°F

Whisk the whites of the eggs into soft peaks (make sure there’s not a single egg yolk in there and the mixing bowl is grease-free!)

Now here’s the tricky bit, continue to whisk, slowly add the icing sugar a little at a time and keep whisking till your peaks turn from soft to stiff. The mixture also becomes glossy at this point.

Spoon mounds of the mixture onto your baking tray.

Bake for an hour, then leave to rest in the oven for another hour with the heat switched off.

Make it something fancy or eat straight from the tray! If you’re looking for something fancy and surprisingly easy, I’ll be posting the meringue sequel post, hopefully sooner than later!


Meringues Dorées

Pour ceux d’entre vous qui n’arrivent pas à trouver/acheter le sucre glace doré et qui n’ont pas de problèmes avec le sucre glace normal, ça vous servira bien pour remplacer le sucre glace doré.

3 œufs séparés120g de sucre glace doré

Préparez une plaque à four avec du papier sulfurisé.

Préchauffez le four à 110°C/230°F

Battez les blanc’s d’œufs en neige (S’assurez-vous que le bol n’est pas gras et n’a pas un seul jaune d’œuf dedans!)

Voici la partie un peu compliquée:  Battez les blancs en neige ferme, en ajoutant le sucre glace petit à petit. Le mélange devient plus luisant et satiné à ce point là.

Déposez quelques des morceaux du mélangue sur la plaque préparée.

Enfournez pendant une heure, puis laissez refroidir dans le four une heure de plus avec le four éteint.

Mangez ou faites quelque chose de super intéressante et magnifique avec, si vous avez envie de faire quelque chose de plus avec ces meringues, avec une recette qui est très anglaise très simple, et très  impressionante, attendez la suite de cette recette.


5 thoughts on “Golden Meringues/Meringues Dorées

  1. Look yummy! I have never seen golden icing sugar before, but we have just started getting golden castor sugar on the shelves, and co incidentally I received 2 sample packets this weekend, how handy!

  2. Beautiful meringues, the golden colour is lovely. I try and use unrefined sugar as much as possible, although occasionally icing sugar lets me down with refined white being the only option. I have tried making meringues with maple syrup in the past – the flavour is good, but the texture is not quite meringue enough for my liking.

    • Ooh maple syrup, that’s one alternative sweetener that I always seem to forget about, but I can guess what you mean about texture, sometimes there IS no alternative to sugar, it aint always there just to be sweet and pretty!

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