Eton Mess

So I know since I posted my golden meringues recipe, you’ve all been having sleepless nights desperately wondering what to do with them, apart from devour them 😉

What was that something fancy she promised? You wondered. What was the second reason that made her love meringues? You cried. Well wonder no more, my friends, cos THIS was it!

Eton Mess is a wonderful summery English recipe, that I only discovered myself not so long ago, the name came from a 19th century  recipe in Eton college where the dish originated. The ease of the recipe quickly made it a hit with students and slowly but surely it spread to the four corners of the U.K and beyond, till it landed here on my blog!

Can you tell I’m excited yet?

Mr Cynic himself actually declared that this recipe was delicious and better than the one he’d tried in a restaurant the day before. He even asked when I’d be making it again! How my heart sang with gluten free joy and the best part is, now you can try it…

Eton Mess


  • 1 golden meringue recipe
  • 100ml/1/2 cup double cream
  • 250g/about 2 1/4 cups fresh strawberries quartered

Rip the meringues into tasty bite size pieces and place in a bowl.

Add the strawberries.

Whip the cream until it’s thick and soft, then pour on top of the meringue and strawberries.

Fold all the ingredients together, then arrange on serving bowls with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!


Eton Mess


  • une recette de meringues dorées
  • 100ml de crème fraîche épaisse
  • 250g de fraises fraîches coupées en quatre

Déchirez les meringues en bouchées et placez dans un bol.

Ajoutez les fraises.

Fouettez la crème jusqu’à ce qu’elle soit épaisse, puis versez-le sur les fraises et les meringues.

Incorporez tous les ingrédients dans le bol, puis distribuez dans des bols individuels avec une boule de glace à la vanille!


7 thoughts on “Eton Mess

  1. @Holly – it really is, once the meringue’s out of the way, it literally takes seconds

    @InTolerant Chef – You’re in Australia right? I wouldn’t wish winter on anyone. Wrap up warm and dream of strawberries and before you know it, summer’ll be here!

    @kidfriendlyja – 🙂

    @Chele – Thanks!

  2. It just gets better and better – Eton Mess is just so scrummy and something I only ever have at this time of year. Except this year I don’t think I have 😦

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