At last/Enfin…..

my love has come along…

But how did you get it Curious Baker? I know what you’re thinking and no, there was no theft, robbing of banks or credit card fraud involved, I got it the good old fashioned way…


As you know it was my birthday a couple of months back and U.M. decided that it was time to get me my very belated birthday present! As you can imagine I was OVER the moon and felt like taking a week month off work just to break her in but…

I haven’t got round to baking with it yet because I’m still at the ‘can’t stop stroking it’ phase, well that and my hands. I have some kind of problem and no-one seems to know what it is, so until they figure it out, I’ve self-diagnosed myself with R.S.I, cos my symptoms are quite similar….. you know, pain of the tendons, tense muscles, inflammation, which means technically I shouldn’t be typing this right now and technically I should have stopped this blog a long time ago. My R.S.I. varies in intensity and severity which partly explains my erratic (ir)regular posting schedule and my obsession with the kitchen aid, I’m glad the K.A’s finally here though cos it will take a lot of pressure off my poor old hands but until I figure out how to type without using my hands, my posts are still going to be (in)frequent depending on how my hands feel.

Not sure why I haven’t said this before or why I feel like I’m telling you all some deep dark secret, but I guess I just felt it was time to share. Thanks to all of you for your patience and this doesn’t mean I’ll be disappearing off the face of the earth, nothing will really change but at least you have a better understanding of things.

Till we meet again, I’ll be basking in kitchen aid heaven!



5 thoughts on “At last/Enfin…..

  1. I share your enthusiasm for the Kitchen Aid Mixer. I got one for my birthday from my Mom. She used her Save-On-More points and then got me the grinder/grater/pasta maker attachments for Christmas. I love it!!

    I hope that your hands feel better soon 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your new toy!! Enjoy it. It’s such a gorgeous thing to have in the kitchen. Maybe you can train it to blog for you?

  3. @tryityoumightlikeit – I’ve already started my baking marathon, be blogging soon (hopefully!)

    @tiffany – oooh gluten free pasta, just getting my head round the Kitchen Aid, don’t get me started on attachments too! Mum’s sure are cool 🙂 and thanks, I hope my hands get better too!

    @Holly – LOL! Thanks, now THERE’S an idea! You never know, there’s not much that Kitchen Aid can’t do!

    Aline – Merci Aline, hope you have just as much fun with yours, it’s never too early to start planning those recipes!

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