Gluten Free Sweden


Fast Facts:

  • Country: Sweden/Kingdom of Sweden (Konungariket Sverige)
  • Location: Scandinavian Peninsula (Northern Europe)
  • Language: Swedish (but many people speak English)
  • Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK)
  • Country dialling code: +46

What’s the gluten free food symbol in Sweden?

crossed grain

How do you say gluten free in swedish?   glutenfritt

How easy is it gluten free food to eat?  EASY

Bird's eye view of Stockholm

Dear, dear Sweden, the country that gave me the inspiration for my I-love-Sweden-dance  and here I am, back in Sweden, ready to explain why  I love this country so much….

It’s simple.

Gluten intolerance in Sweden is not a big deal.

There are so many choices available and you can pretty much go into any cafe/fast food restaurant, ask for a gluten free option and get one! The best part is, they don’t hike up the prices for the privilege of eating gluten free.  You get the same meal as your non gluten-free friend for the same price.

This basically means that for the duration of your holiday,you get to feel normal! There’s this freedom that you have, to eat anywhere, without calling up first to check if you can eat or wondering  if you have to smuggle any gfree snacks in your handbag.  Say Goodbye to that sigh you have when you realise that yet again there are no gluten free options in your best eatery in town.

However, every plus has a minus and there is a downside to this.

Sweden is expensive.

The average Mc Donald’s meal costs double what it does in the U.K. You could pay up to £20 for something as simple as a club sandwich, and £13 for a one day travel card, because general day to day life and daily items cost a lot more in Sweden than in the U.K. So as long as you come prepared, you’ll be alright.


Swedish people are very aware of gluten intolerance, the average person is quite knowledgeable about ingredients containing gluten and coeliac disease and the quality of their food is fantastic as well as the taste. You won’t find any better!

Is there any swedish food that is naturally gluten free?  There is a delicacy called Sarah Bernhardt, it’s like a soft cookie shaped in a dome with an almond base and covered in milk or dark chocolate with a chocolate filling.

There are also chocolate balls rolled in shredded coconut called Chockladbollar,

Sightseeing and Travel tips:

  • Take the ferry to….. anywhere! I took it to Djurgården and it was a great, fun ride.
  • Think twice before getting the Stockholm card, I’d recommend you buy it, if you’re going to wake up early and visit at least 3 museums, if not just get the SL card and visit one or two museums, it could work out cheaper.
  • Go to Skansen and check out the scandinavian animals section, you could see some domestic reindeer!


Food Shopping: All swedish supermarkets stock gluten free products or ‘glutenfria produkter’ in swedish.  The bigger the supermarket, the greater the choice. Try ICA, Hemshop or Coop.  I discovered that some supermarkets keep their gluten free products next to non gluten free and others like bigger hypermarkets have them all in a gluten free section.

Check out all that choice! The whole section is gluten free

Check out all that choice! The whole section is gluten free

GF Swedish brands: Fria, Hans and Greta were among the most common, international brands like Schär and Semper are also widely available. Fria do great bread and Hans and Greta do great breaded sweets.  Make sure you look in the frozen food section in supermarkets, Almondy sell delicious gluten free frozen tarts.

Some Swedish products have wheat starch in them so be aware of this, if it’s something you’re trying to avoid.  Main gluten free products sold are crackers, bread and various flour mixes.

Be sure to check the frozen section for gluten free too!

Be sure to check the frozen section for gluten free too!

Eating Out: 

Make sure you check to see what gluten free items your hotel has. Mine had a large breakfast selection, with gluten free crackers and muesli already out on display, but I had to ask them for gluten free bread which they had.

Gluten Free Breakfast

Gluten Free Breakfast

In fast food restaurants, all you have to do is request a gluten free bun and you can have any meal on the menu, as the chips are also safe.  I ordered a Mc Donald’s burger with a gluten free bun.  I found the bun far too chewy for my liking, even bordering on rubbery but you know what? I was so happy to be able to buy it, I still ate the whole thing and smiled afterwards!

Glutenfree Mc Donald's

Special mentions:

I discovered a gluten free bakery while I was in Stockholm, unfortunately I was in Sweden over the Easter break so it was closed when I went there 😦 but I’ll leave you details of how to get there in the hope that you’ll be luckier than me.

Friends of Adam  Hornstulls Strand 13, 117 39 Stockholm -556755-2434 –

nearest underground station: Hornstull


If you’ve had an experience of being in Sweden or have been somewhere else you would like to review.  Send an email to for a guest review slot or send me a message on Facebook if you’d like me to add a comment, on a review I’ve written of a country you’ve also visited.

Happy Travelling!

4 thoughts on “Gluten Free Sweden

    • Hi Banana, you’re more than welcome! You can always bring something for the plane if you want, or for general snacking, the gluten-free food in Sweden isn’t cheap but it’s certainly there and lots of it! Hope you enjoyed your stay!

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I am going in Exchange there next semester, it will be much easier for me to eat!

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