Vanilla Sponge Cheesecake/Cheesecake à la vanille quart quarts

Cheesecake, meet Sponge Cake.

Sponge cake, meet Cheesecake.

and that was how this beautiful relationship started.

Cheesecake was a crazy reckless kind of guy who needed a little stability in his life.  His previous girlfriends had been a little flaky and quite frankly a bit too crumbly and unreliable. He needed someone that would keep him grounded but still allow him space to breathe.

Enter the light-as-a-feather sponge cake whipped to egg white perfection and sprinkled with ground almonds.  Their eyes met from across the room and at that moment, they knew it was meant to be…..♥

So let’s talk about cheesecake for a minute, I mean if you don’t have crushed gluten free biscuits to hand, it can be a bother to make.  The beauty of cheesecake is that it’s quick and when it isn’t quick…well…it’s annoying and baking shouldn’t be annoying, so I’ve solved an age old problem of what happens when solving the equation of:

Need4cheesecake + Lack of biscuit ²= ??

Yeah that’s right, eat your heart out Einstein!

Woah! What are you doing? Put those calculators away fellow bakers. Don’t even try and figure it out, it’ll give you a headache,


I’ve done it all for you 🙂

O.K, well, the idea wasn’t ALL mine. I messed around with a Norwegian cake recipe I discovered the last time I was there.  It’s called Suksesskake and there’s a story behind it, but, you have google and I don’t speak norwegian, so we’ll leave it at that.

The only thing I would suggest you do ‘suksessfully’ with this sponge cheesecake is avoid counting the calories.  Definitely one for special occasions.

I won’t tell if you won’t 😉

p.s  It’s my blogoversary today! 4 years and counting 🙂

Vanilla Sponge Cheesecake

(*If you can’t source vanilla sugar 125g of demerara and 1 teaspoon of good quality vanilla extract should do the trick).


  • 5 egg whites
  • 150g icing sugar
  • 150g ground almonds


  • 5 egg yolks
  • 1 cup of double cream
  • 125g vanilla sugar*
  • 150g butter
  • a couple of tablespoons of semi-skimmed milk
  • Roasted almond flakes (optional)
  • Chocolate for drizzling (optional)

Mix the ground almonds and icing sugar together in a bowl.  Whip the egg whites and one teaspoon of icing sugar into soft peaks.  Then fold the egg whites little by little into the almond and icing sugar mixture.  Put the base mixture into a greased  23cm/9 inch flan tin and press down firmly to create an even base, then bake at 160°C/320°C for 30 to 45 minutes or until the cake base is lightly brown and springs back gently when pressed with your finger. Leave base to cool completely.

Put all the ingredients for the cream topping except for the butter into a small saucepan. Heat on very low heat stirring constantly until the cream thickens.  It’s very important for the mixture not to boil, if it does start to boil, take it off the heat, let it cool, then put it back on the heat, and continue to stir until you get a thick cream.  Let the cream cool down a little then add the butter bit by bit stirring it into the mixture, once you’ve added the butter, check the consistency.  If the cream is too thick or lumpy,  add a few tablespoons to a quarter cup of milk to get a smooth custard like consistency.

Apply the cream over the cooled base, smooth the topping down with a spatula, sprinkle with roasted almond flakes, drizzle with chocolate and chill the cake in the fridge until set.

Best served chilled.

Cheesecake à la vanille quart quarts

(Si vous n’avez pas de sucre vanillé vous pouvez le remplacer par 125g de cassonade et une cuillère  à café d’extrait de vanille)

la croûte

  • 5 blancs d’oeufs
  • 150g de sucre glace
  • 150g d’amandes en poudre

la garniture

  • 5 jaunes d’oeufs
  • de crème entière liquide
  • 125g de sucre vanillé
  • 150g de beurre
  • quelques cuillères a soupe de lait demi-écremé
  • amandes effilées (facultatif)
  • du chocolat pour la garniture (facultatif)

Dans un bol, mélanger le sucre glace et les amandes.  Monter les blancs en neige avec une cuillère à café de sucre glace et incorporer au mélange amandes-sucre délicatement et petit à petit. Tapissez le fond d’un moule beurré de 23 cm de diamètre. Tapissez le fond du moule du mélange puis enfourner à 160°C/320°C pendant 30 à 45 minutes ou jusqu’à que la couleur devienne légèrement dorée. Laisser refroidir complètement.

Mettre tous les ingrédients sauf le beurre dans petite une casserole. Cuire à feu doux en remuant fréquemment jusqu’à ce que la crème épaississe.  Il faut pas que la crème bouillonne, si ça commence  à bouillonner, retirer du feu, laisser refroidir un peu et puis laisser frémir au feu doux de nouveau. Laisser la crème refroidir puis ajoutez le beurre petit à petit et mélanger bien.  Si la texture de la crème présente des grumeaux, ajouter quelques cuillères à soupe du lait pour obtenir une texture plus lisse.

Verser le mélange sur le fond de croûte préparé, parsemer d’amandes effilées et de chocolat, fondu au bain marie. Laisser refroidir au frigo.

4 thoughts on “Vanilla Sponge Cheesecake/Cheesecake à la vanille quart quarts

  1. Thanks for dropping by ladies! You should definitely give it a go! I hear ya Gluten Free Fabulous, mixing it with a sponge cake bottom takes cheesecake to another level. Lemme know how it works out!

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