Avocado Toast and a Gluten Free Giveaway (Week Two – 8.12.14) CLOSED

Avocado Toast

Hey good people

I had a day off today, so spent a large portion of the day baking (of course!) and making sandwiches.  Since the launch of this giveaway, I’ve been slightly obsessed with finding new combos of old sandwiches.  I’m not sure how new this is, but it’s certainly one that’s new to me.

I think I’ve told you before that I make my own products, not for sale but just for me, so I know exactly what’s in them, well avocado is one of my favourite ingredients. It’s a great winter product for me, for adding moisture.  It makes you feel fuller, lowers your cholesterol and helps keep your heart healthy.  I use it in my hair, I use it in cakes, I cook with avocado oil  but never really play around with eating or incorporating plain old avocado into my meals.  This time, I decided to go simple and use avocado purée for a toast topping that’s nutritious and tasty.

So simple you could do it with your eyes closed|:

Avocado Toast

  • 1 ripe avocado (I only used half for a few slices)
  • ground pepper
  • sea salt

Purée the avocado, (I just mashed it with a fork), sprinkle with salt and pepper and Bob’s your uncle!

It was O.K. there wasn’t a party in the mouth kind of feel but once I added the egg on top, it became a that’ll-do-nicely spread.  Quick, easy and something different to do with your bread. I’m even thinking of adding a few slices of roast chicken to make this a star sandwich! Give it a go with gf loaf 🙂

Now…on to the next stage of the giveaway comp…


Are you as excited as I am?

If you’re not what are you doing here?

Ah I see…

You didn’t win last week….

Whaaat? Come on…

Don’t look at me like that…

puppy dog eyes gif

You win some, you lose some


O.K. O.K. I gotcha…

Turn that frown upside down my friend because it’s week two of my Gluten-free giveaway, which means you, yes YOU, have another chance to win 🙂

You heard right, there’s plenty more where that came from

wholesome loaf close up

and this week it’s even easier to enter

Alls you gotta do is Like the Curious Baker Facebook page then…

Like this post on Facebook

WEEK2Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 16.17.54 C’est tout!

Full details of the comp here

There will be two prizes this week: One winner will be chosen from all the fans who have liked the post and a second winner will be chosen from fans that have liked and commented.  So get talking, get rambling, air your thoughts and speak your mind and you could be the next lucky winner.

Good Luck!

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