Meet the Glutenites…

The reason why I end up eating almost everything I bake!:

The Cynic

Loves his cakes, but also loves his gluten.  Baking for him is like being on an episode of Masterchef and he’s pretty convinced that anything that doesn’t contain ‘normal’ ingredients has got to be substandard.  So my mission, if I choose to accept it, is to convince him otherwise, by getting him to hop on the gluten-free train and realise it ain’t so bad.

Pink Lady

A dubious taster who’s only interested in eating baked goods that contain apples…apples… and well…apples, hence the name…Tends to breeze in post-baking, take a bite screw up her nose then mention something about custard.


Probably the most adventurous of the lot, willing to give it a go but remains unconvinced, if something does go wrong ‘it must be that gluten free flour you’re using love!’

12 thoughts on “Meet the Glutenites…

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  3. It’s nice to see someone else educating people about alternative forms of flours. I am the pâtisserie chef at a chocolatiers on the Isle of Wight. I have managed to turn 50% of the cakes I make into Gluten free not only convincing my friend who owns the business that using other flours does not destroy the consistency and taste of our products. Since providing a full range of Gluten free products we have developed a very good reputation and following for our cakes. My next mission is to develop a range of Vegan cakes that will be suitable for people with both dairy and egg intolerances.

    • What an achievement Claire. I’m starting to wish I lived in the Isle of Wight! The crazy thing is gluten free cakes are actually more nutritious and in my opinion tastier than non gf. But you’re right people have this misconception that they’re making this big sacrifice when they eat gluten free, but I’ve baked quite a few cakes now to challenge these ideas and sounds like you have too! As for vegan cakes shouldn’t be too difficult seeing as vegan cupcakes rule the world 😉 I often browse vegan websites for recipe ideas some of my favourites have been eggless. I actually have a vegan gluten free cake recipe I’ll be posting some time soon so pop by again to check it out. Good luck with everything and if I’m ever in the Isle of Wight. I’ll look you up!

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  5. This sounds amazing – as a baking sort of newbie enthusiast concerned about eating processed flour, I’m always looking for substitutes. Can you just start to experiment with wholewheat flour instead of regular? are there any set things to do differently? Love your blog and its spunkiness. happy adventures

    • Generally you can, I can’t say I’m an expert, but most people tend to do something like 1 cup AP and 1 cup wholewheat, you’ll get a densier, heartier texture and just remember not to mix it too much because wholewheat flour does tend to get tougher easier. You could also try gluten free flours, they’re fun to work with and generally have great nutritional value and there are loads of recipes on my blog you could try 😉 Glad you like it!

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