Move over genius, there’s a new bread in town..

Yes folks, you read it right. I have discovered a bread to rival the gluten free god that is genius. ….

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….So as you facebook followers know, I decided to pop over to the gluten free and allergy show this weekend.  I’d planned to take a thousand pictures, including the one I’d imagined in detail,  of me grinning from ear to ear, firmly shaking the magic hands of Lucinda-Bruce Gardyne, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. The venue was pretty small and there weren’t any new, gluten free products that I hadn’t already tried or already heard of, that is until I got chatting to Mats from Garbo and discovered a new bread that may just have the ‘genuises’ shaking in their boots.

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My brief love affair with hemp milk

Hemp Bliss? I think not

I’m not vegan or lactose intolerant but I’m not really a huge fan of milk either and well… I love to experiment and was eager to do more than just peruse the alternative milk shelf in the supermarket. So I did hours and weeks of study and will now share with you my extensive google findings!

In the hierarchy of non lactose…

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