Vanilla Sponge Cheesecake/Cheesecake à la vanille quart quarts

Cheesecake, meet Sponge Cake.

Sponge cake, meet Cheesecake.

and that was how this beautiful relationship started.

Cheesecake was a crazy reckless kind of guy who needed a little stability in his life.  His previous girlfriends had been a little flaky and quite frankly a bit too crumbly and unreliable. He needed someone that would keep him grounded but still allow him space to breathe.

Enter the light-as-a-feather sponge cake whipped to egg white perfection and sprinkled with ground almonds.  Their eyes met from across the room and at that moment, they knew it was meant to be…..♥

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ZFC Chicken/Poulet ZFC maison

ZFC Chicken

O.K. So we have approximately 48 hours of summer this weekend, so get out the lawnmowers and sort out that neglected back garden to make way for a barbecue to remember or have a picnic and bring these beauties along.

Now I’ve never been one for fast food pre and post gluten intolerance so it’s one thing I didn’t really miss when I stopped eating gluten but there’s something about hot summer days and a bucket of fried chicken that go hand in hand. The only problem with that idyllic image is the fact that fried chicken needs to take a bath in breadcrumbs and/or flour to get it’s lovely coated crumb. Not any more….

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Gluten Free Sweden


Fast Facts:

  • Country: Sweden/Kingdom of Sweden (Konungariket Sverige)
  • Location: Scandinavian Peninsula (Northern Europe)
  • Language: Swedish (but many people speak English)
  • Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK)
  • Country dialling code: +46

What’s the gluten free food symbol in Sweden?

crossed grain

How do you say gluten free in swedish?   glutenfritt

How easy is it gluten free food to eat?  EASY

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