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Orange and Date Sorghum Cake

Baked Sweet Potato and Banana Fritters

Savoury Butternut Squash Muffins

Chestnut and Cocoa Dacquoises

St Lucia Saffron Buns

Warm Citrus Cake


Hasselback Potatoes

Double Hazelnut and Ginger Cookies

Gluten Free Milk Bread

Spiced Chocolate Chai Tea Cakes

Basic Gluten Free Sponge Cake

Inside-Out Lamingtons

Yoghurt and Pistachio Pudding

Double Heart and Ribbon Cookies

Gluten Free Ricotta Hotcakes

Buckwheat Apple Pancakes

Double Chocolate and Pear Cupcakes

Lemon and Rosemary Olive Oil Cake

Gluten Free Madeira Cake

Olive Oil Surprise Brownies

Teff Waffles with caramelised bananas

Blood Orange and Chocolate Muffins

Jamaican Spice Bun

Chocarco Cake

Marbled Bizcocho Cupcakes with Carob Buttercream Icing

Buckwheat and Prune Oatmeal Biscuits

Sugar-Crusted Popovers

Moist Chocolate Avocado Cake

Chinese five spice molten chocolate cake

Jamaican Ginger Cake

Apple and Cinnamon apricot muffins

Rosewater-glazed orange and date scones

Golden Meringues

Eton Mess

Ginger Florentines

Honeyed Fresh Fig Cakes

Blackstrap Molasses Sweetened Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free Shortbread Digestives

Extremely Nutty Chocolate Shards

Chestnut Pound Cake

Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Christmas Coal Candy

Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes

Gluten free Hazelnut Pancakes

Elizabeth Diamond Sponge Cake

Pão de Queijo

Halloween Cake

Sweet Potato Pitta Bread


Gluten Free Christmas Chocolate log

Popcorn chocolate chip cookies

ZFC Chicken

Vanilla Sponge Cheesecake

Flavoured Ghee-Roasted Potatoes

St Lucia Saffron Buns/Lussekatter Take 2



Hemp Milk (dairy free alternatives)

Gluten Free Coffee Shop Brownies

Garbo gluten free bread – a possible rival to genius?

Allergy Free Show North October 2012

Gluten Free Bread (all UK brands)

Deliciously Ella Energy Balls 


Gluten free Sweden

Gluten Free Spain (Barcelona)


Recettes en Français – au bas des pages 🙂

Dacquoises à la châtaigne et cacao

Gâteau aux agrumes


Pommes de Terre au four à la suédoise

Cookies aux deux gingembres et aux noisettes

Gâteau épicé au chocolat et au thé chai

Gâteau génoise sans gluten

Les Lamingtons à l’envers

Pudding au yaourt à la pistache

Biscuits double cœurs &  Biscuits décoratifs

Crêpes americaines au fromage ricotta

Crêpes americaines de sarrasin aux pommes

Mignardises choco-poire

Gâteau au citron, huile d’olive et romarin

Gâteau Madeira sans gluten

Brownies Surprise  à l’huile d’olive

Gaufres à la farine de Teff et bananes caramelisés

Muffins au chocolat et orange sanguine

Nonnette Jamaïquenne

Gâteau Chocarco

Petites génoises bizcocho et glaçage caroube-crème au beurre

Biscuits aux pruneaux, flocons d’avoine et sarrasin

Popovers croûtés de sucre

Gâteau moelleux au chocavocat

Moelleux au chocolat noir, cœur cinq épices

Gâteau jamaïquain au gingembre

Muffins pommes-abricot à la cannelle

Scones aux dattes et orange glacé à l’eau de rose

Meringues Dorées

Eton Mess

Florentins au gingembre confit

Moelleux aux figues fraîches

Gâteau au chocolat, à la mélasse

Biscuits Sablés sans gluten

Brisures de chocolat à base de noix

Quatre-quarts à la farine de chataîgne

Cupcakes au caramel au beurre salé

Carbón dulce/Charbon sucré

Petits gâteaux café au lait-pain d’épices

Crêpes noisette sans gluten

Elizabeth Diamond Sponge Cake

Pão de Queijo

Gâteau d’Halloween

Pain pita de patates douces


Bûche de Noël au chocolat sans gluten

Cookies aux pépites de chocolat et popcorn

Poulet ZFC Maison

Cheesecake à la vanille quatre quarts

Pommes de terre assaisonnées au four au beurre indien

5 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Just came across your site. Oh my, looks like I’m going to be busy and will probably gain 5 lbs. Groan

  2. lol! You know actually many of my cake recipes are quite healthy, most of the recipes use wholegrain gluten free flours and quite a number of them are sugar as well as dairy free, so you don’t even have to feel guilty 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for creating this blog. My son has possible celiac (we are getting ready to test), but he is also allergic to wheat, Rice and eggs, which has made things difficult to say the least. being the daughter of a baker, I felt a little lost. i still haven’t found a gluten free, egg free rice free bread, I’m beginning to think it’s not out there. I can’t wait to try out t=some of your recipes. Thank You!

    • Hi Lacey, you’re more than welcome…..but wheat AND rice allergies, that’s a tough one…I thought my life was over when I found out I was gluten intolerant but it really isn’t as I hope you’ll soon see. Don’t give up hope with the bread, you’d be amazed what you can find…. Have fun trying out the recipes and good luck with the test! 🙂

  4. Pingback: Gluten free Hazelnut Pancakes/Crêpes noisette sans gluten « The Curious Baker

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