Sweet Potato Pita Bread/Pain Pita de patates douces

When it’s autumn and sweet potato season rolls round, I go a little crazy, I put sweet potato in EVERYTHING!  Doughnuts, spice buns, make chips out of them, mash them, roast them, dice them, slice them, maybe the only thing I haven’t done yet is put them in a drink!….yeah maybe I won’t go that far,

but the one recipe that triumphed, through my sweet potato journey, the best tasting recipe to come out of all that experimentation was this sweet potato pita bread.

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Pão de Queijo

I thought it only right to start my breakfast post with Pão de Queijo, which literally translated means cheese bread, it’s the ubiquitous cheesy savoury treat, generally eaten in Brazil for breakfast and snack times.  It’s very easy and quick to make and has a lovely, airy, chewy texture, with a light crisp on the outside.

Eating them is a bit like that eating a pack of Pringles.

You know what I mean. …

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Elizabeth Diamond Sponge Cake


This cake started off in the shape of a nightmare.

Not the best way to start a post I agree but a true story nonetheless.  One night during all the Jubilee madness, I couldn’t sleep and no it wasn’t stress or worry or the usual things that prevent people from sleeping, but every time I closed my eyes, I saw Union Jack bunting!

Yes you heard me right, reams and reams of the stuff, flickering before my eyes like a hallucinogenic drug.  The only way I could think of to get my beauty sleep back  was to bake it away. British people think tea solves a lot of problems but the truth is it’s cake!

To commemorate her royal highness’ 60 years of….er…..’service?’ I made a cake in her honour, a remix of the Victoria Sponge Cake so well loved by us Brits.  I wanted to give the cake pride and an extra layer of Britishness, so my recipe thoughts combined with my nightmare was just the trick.

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