Christmas Coal Candy (Carbón dulce/Charbon sucré)

Now if I were a typical food  blogger, I’d start this post by telling everyone how excited I was that Christmas was coming  and how stressed I was that I hadn’t bought enough stuffing for the turkey, had only baked 1000 odd cookies for my wonderful friends and family and how fast the days were going by and how worried I was that my handmade Christmas tablecloth hadn’t arrived.

But the thing is, I’m not worried in the slightest…

simply because…

I don’t buy Christmas presents,

I don’t cook Christmas dinner

and I only bake when I feel like it (which incidentally is pretty often but anyway) what I mean is, I don’t let all that stuff get to me, I prefer , instead to create a different kind of Christmas list, one where I think of all the nasty people who don’t deserve Christmas gifts and what kind of present I’d like to give them! You know who I’m talking about, the annoying self obsessed friend, the nasty boss. HMRC!

Now before you start screaming Scrooge at me, I’m cool with Christmas cheer but not so cool with Christmas queues and unnecessarily high credit card bills.

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Chestnut Pound Cake/Quatre-quarts à la farine de chataîgne

We’ve reached that time of the year where I raid the cupboards, check my B.B. dates and wonder why on earth I always buy so much food.  I believe most people tackle this job in Spring but I’m always too busy enjoying the longer, warmer days and dreaming up gluten free fruit tarts, plus I find it easier to remember to do it at the end of the year…..

As you can imagine it’s quite an exciting task and one I knew you would all delight in sharing with me, hence the post ;)…

so, for those of you who go to people’s houses and excuse yourself to go the the toilet have a nose on the bathroom cupboards. 😉

Here are the items from my cupboard that made the cut:

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Extremely Nutty Chocolate Shards/Brisures de chocolat à base de noix

Snow is cool.

I admit that initially I had some reservations, once upon a time

and snow isn’t so cool when year after year it brings the whole country to a standstill…….

But the inches deep, I-can’t-believe-it-snowed-all-night-and-all-day kind of snow that crunches under your feet and leaves frost on trees and footprints on the ground is pretty cool.

I have to admit I threw this together with some good old-fashioned leftovers gusto. After my initial excitement and frolic in the snow, I quickly realised  that although snow may be cool, it’s also damn cold!  Once I’d defrosted my fingers and toes I soon decided that I’d had enough fun in the snow to last the week and refused to make the one hour trek to whole foods or any local shop for that matter, to stock up on baking goods.

So I raided my cupboards, to discover I had what seemed like hundreds of bags and of half opened  nuts and a lonely looking box of gluten-free cereal ready to be put to use.

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Gluten Free Shortbread Digestives/Biscuits Sablés sans gluten

December is upon us and our thoughts are beginning to move towards Christmas presents and what lovely treats we can give away to the family.

For those of you that are furiously shaking your heads, at the thought of giving away gluten-free treats. Don’t worry, I have a couple of recipes coming up, which could also double up as gifts, because I have a feeling, even the most generous among  you, may have a few problems with giving away these biscuits.

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