Battle of the Bread – Gluten Free Bread Review

 gluten free loaves

Hey folks!

So it’s been a while since I first decided to post this review, up to the final finished article of today.  I went a bit gung-ho initially and started to buy every gluten free loaf I laid my eyes on, until I realised that it would take far too long and be far too expensive to review them all so I settled for one type of loaf and finally decided to focus on Multigrain/seeded, wholemeal bread.

After that, the next issue was buying the loaves or maybe I should say procuring them. Because I wanted this review to be comprehensive, I went in search of every gluten free seeded loaf currently on the market in the U.K. to buy and although they were technically for sale, they weren’t always easy to find. I did realise however, that if I did a review solely based on availability Genius would win every time but lucky for you I didn’t…

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The Allergy and free from Show North

When was the last time, you went to a food show where nothing was off limits and the event had gluten free caterers? Never? Well I think you need to take a trip up North! The last time I went to the Allergy  and free from  Show was a number of years ago and it was quite a small affair.  I’d been meaning to go to the London show this year but never got round to it, so when I found out they were doing a show up North. I decided to hop on a train and check it out.

BT Convention Centre where Allergy Show was held

My verdict?…Well..

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