Deliciously Ella Energy Balls – Review


IMG_8727 (2).JPG

I was lucky enough to be sent some samples of the new Deliciously Ella energy balls.IMG_8937 (1).JPG


These balls launched in August of this year and come following a stream of successful ventures from the well-known blogger Ella Mills.  Some of you may be familiar with her blog, her cookbook or perhaps you’ve visited the deli.  This is her most recent product currently out for sale.  My review follows…

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Ginger Florentines/Florentins au gingembre confit

Summer is still upon us, (er…just about) And…well, I don’t know about you, but I always find that around summer time, I’m equally delighted with and overwhelmed with the array of choice that the summer season offers us; bilberries, strawberries, nectarines, blackberries, the list goes on and as a self confessed ditherer and taurean decision maker,  During this somewhat stressful season, I can often be found walking up and down the fruit aisles in the supermarket like a mad woman, picking up something, then furiously shaking my head and putting it down, only to come back to it five minutes later.

As you can imagine fruit shopping in the summer can be quite traumatic for people like me.

Sometimes you feel fruity and adventurous, but other times you just feel like using what’s in the cupboard, (maybe minus the ginger for some) without rushing out to buy any special ingredients…

…and for moments like these, this is the recipe for you. Great for when you’ve almost completely run out of flour, you’re feeling a little lazy and you just want something sweet and simple.

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Double Hazelnut and Ginger Cookies/Cookies aux deux gingembres et aux noisettes

So I think I owe an apology to all cookie aficionados as I have now become a lover of the common cookie! I’m thinking the reason I wasn’t into them was because I’d never actually tried homemade cookies before and well I made some over the Christmas holidays and they were delicious!

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