Extremely Nutty Chocolate Shards/Brisures de chocolat à base de noix

Snow is cool.

I admit that initially I had some reservations, once upon a time

and snow isn’t so cool when year after year it brings the whole country to a standstill…….

But the inches deep, I-can’t-believe-it-snowed-all-night-and-all-day kind of snow that crunches under your feet and leaves frost on trees and footprints on the ground is pretty cool.

I have to admit I threw this together with some good old-fashioned leftovers gusto. After my initial excitement and frolic in the snow, I quickly realised  that although snow may be cool, it’s also damn cold!  Once I’d defrosted my fingers and toes I soon decided that I’d had enough fun in the snow to last the week and refused to make the one hour trek to whole foods or any local shop for that matter, to stock up on baking goods.

So I raided my cupboards, to discover I had what seemed like hundreds of bags and of half opened  nuts and a lonely looking box of gluten-free cereal ready to be put to use.

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Double Heart and Ribbon Cookies/Biscuits double cœurs & biscuits décoratifs

I have to admit, I haven’t exactly been looking forward to this post.

I thought of just posting a few days later with a recipe that was so delicious, you’d forget that I’d missed Valentines Day. Yes folks, it’s almost that time again.

Have a look around and you’ll see blogs everywhere professing the virtues of love with a romantic follow-up recipe that celebrates the pleasures of perfect coupledom. Look a little harder and you’ll find…


I guess you could say that this year, I’m somewhere on the other end of the spectrum…you know… loud arguments in the street, broken promises and maybe a smashed car window or two 😉

until that is…I fell in love

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