Battle of the Bread Part Two – Gluten Free White Bread Review


Here we are again folks!

Part Two of the Gluten Free Bread Review

You see, it’s so cool, it evens rhymes! Many of you will remember my last bread review post where DS Wholesome was crowned the winner of all UK branded loaves.

This time it’s gonna be aaalllwhite! That means no seeds, no whole, no meal, just plain old white bread. Why white bread? What’s the big difference, I hear you cry.

You did cry didn’t you?

I wasn’t just hearing things?

Oh good! I was getting worried for a minute.

Anywho, I digress. Back to white bread. White bread separates the men from the boys and because I believe in equality, it also separates the women from the girls. Why? I hear you ask…

Well because it’s bread at its bare minimum, highly refined and processed, there’s not a huge amount of natural flavour, so all your mistakes show.  You can’t hide behind the seeds and the wholegrains because elasticity and gluten play a big role in white bread construction.

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Eggy Bread Breakfast Bake and a Gluten-Free Giveaway (Week Three 15.12.14) CLOSED


Sometimes, you sat back and ponder over the bigger things in life, such as;

What exactly is French Toast?


What makes it French?


Why not just call it Eggy Bread?

Yes guys, I might have gone a little over your head with this post but sometimes life just takes you there.

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