Elizabeth Diamond Sponge Cake


This cake started off in the shape of a nightmare.

Not the best way to start a post I agree but a true story nonetheless.  One night during all the Jubilee madness, I couldn’t sleep and no it wasn’t stress or worry or the usual things that prevent people from sleeping, but every time I closed my eyes, I saw Union Jack bunting!

Yes you heard me right, reams and reams of the stuff, flickering before my eyes like a hallucinogenic drug.  The only way I could think of to get my beauty sleep back  was to bake it away. British people think tea solves a lot of problems but the truth is it’s cake!

To commemorate her royal highness’ 60 years of….er…..’service?’ I made a cake in her honour, a remix of the Victoria Sponge Cake so well loved by us Brits.  I wanted to give the cake pride and an extra layer of Britishness, so my recipe thoughts combined with my nightmare was just the trick.

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