Eton Mess

So I know since I posted my golden meringues recipe, you’ve all been having sleepless nights desperately wondering what to do with them, apart from devour them 😉

What was that something fancy she promised? You wondered. What was the second reason that made her love meringues? You cried. Well wonder no more, my friends, cos THIS was it!

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Golden Meringues/Meringues Dorées

Normally, I don’t like meringues.  When I think of a meringue recipe it always conjures up images of incessant whisking and sugar overload.  So now you’re probably thinking, why post a meringue recipe right?

Weellll, maybe I was a little hasty in declaring war against the meringue, plus I found two really good reasons to make meringues and love them for the first time in the life…

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