Rosewater-Glazed Orange and Date Scones/Scones aux dattes et orange,glacé à l’eau de rose

When I was living in Tunisia, I discovered some delightful baked treats, but unfortunately scones wasn’t one of them.  Living in an arabic country whose food is dripping with culture and oozing with flavour, you may well wonder why on earth someone would hanker after scones


Take your pick.

Evocation of childhood memories, a sense of the familiar in an unfamiliar environment, the grass is greener theory, whatever the reason, sometimes the things you crave most are the things you can’t get, and often it’s quite simply the fact that you can’t get them that makes you want them even more! That was me, not so many moons ago, surrounded by  the sweetest juiciest dates you’ll ever find, and fresh,  succulent mediterranean oranges, crying into my mint tea, desperate for a good old English scone…

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