Rosewater-Glazed Orange and Date Scones/Scones aux dattes et orange,glacé à l’eau de rose

When I was living in Tunisia, I discovered some delightful baked treats, but unfortunately scones wasn’t one of them.  Living in an arabic country whose food is dripping with culture and oozing with flavour, you may well wonder why on earth someone would hanker after scones


Take your pick.

Evocation of childhood memories, a sense of the familiar in an unfamiliar environment, the grass is greener theory, whatever the reason, sometimes the things you crave most are the things you can’t get, and often it’s quite simply the fact that you can’t get them that makes you want them even more! That was me, not so many moons ago, surrounded by  the sweetest juiciest dates you’ll ever find, and fresh,  succulent mediterranean oranges, crying into my mint tea, desperate for a good old English scone…

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..with Warm Citrus Cake/Gâteau aux agrumes

OK so I’ll be the first to admit I’m not generally one of those people who sits at home, crossing their fingers, hoping for a White Christmas.  Partly because…. well I’m never in the U.K and partly because when snow arrives, her partner ‘mind-numbing cold’ is never too far behind (snow just sounds feminine 😉 ) The thing is, me and cold have never really got along, which is why it’s taken me this long (about 5years) to re-experience snow at winter.

And I have to say it’s pretty cool. There’s something about stepping out of your house and seeing this soft fluffy ice, floating through the air that makes you smile and forget the cold.

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Orange and Date Sorghum Cake

Gateau au sorgho 031

Gâteau de sorgho is a tunisian cake made with sorghum flour or droo as it’s known in Tunisia… This cake started out as a gâteau de sorgho but by the time I’d finished messing around with it, it was kind of transformed into an orange and date cake. Sorghum flour is the prime ingredient and it still contains some essential middle eastern ingredients.

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