Avocado Toast and a Gluten Free Giveaway (Week Two – 8.12.14) CLOSED

Avocado Toast

Hey good people

I had a day off today, so spent a large portion of the day baking (of course!) and making sandwiches.  Since the launch of this giveaway, I’ve been slightly obsessed with finding new combos of old sandwiches.  I’m not sure how new this is, but it’s certainly one that’s new to me.

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Gluten Free Giveaway

Hey folks!


You read my post

You went scouring the supermarket shelves and came out empty-handedangry_woman

Before you get carried away and start writing me hate mail….

  • Don’t fall on your knees in the middle of the gfree supermarket aisle screaming……..(click on pic above)
  • Don’t send all those other gluten-free loaves crashing to the floor with a swift swipe of the hand
  • Don’t end up being escorted out of said supermarket clutching your debit card and screaming NO! at the top of your voice.
  • Don’t get mad guys

Get freebies

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