St Lucia Saffron Buns

Today is St Lucia day and although not a national holiday, it’s celebrated in Sweden. Despite the fact that St Lucia was actually Italian there are hundreds of Swedish girls desperately hoping to be named St Lucia today.  They dress in white, wear candles (battery operated!) around their heads then lead a torch-lit procession accompagnied by their hand maidens down the street.  Although the Swedes aren’t huge fans of beauty pageants, St Lucia day involves some pretty tough competition and many a Miss Sweden started their careers on the back of St Lucia

St Lucia buns or Lusekatte as they are known is Sweden are a baked treat made with crushed saffron and shaped into the letter ‘S’ or figure ‘8’ based on traditional Christmas bread designs and are distributed in St Lucia’s honour, to thank her for bringing light to dark Swedish Winters (or so the story goes!)

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