Moist Chocolate Avocado Cake/Gâteau moelleux au chocavocat

Now before I get started, here are some answers to the top 5 questions that may be bouncing around your head right now,  at the thought of a gluten free, vegan cake with avocado in it:

1) Yes! It really is gluten free and vegan

2) Yes it really is moist

3) Yes it really is delicious

4) No you can’t taste the avocado

5)and no it doesn’t turn your cake green!

Right! Now that’s out of the way, let’s get on  good bit…

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Spiced Chocolate Chai Tea Cakes/Gâteau épicé au chocolat et au thé chai

How do you like your tea? Piping hot or iced cold? With a few sugars or a splash of milk? Well how about in a cake? Yep! You heard me right and I’m not talking about the light buttery kind that you eat with your tea, I mean hot brewed tea in a spiced chocolate cake.

Call me mad if you will but seriously, what could be more fitting in a blog about baking written by a Brit than a cake with tea inside?

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