Why the blog?

Well….I love baking , so it seemed to make sense, plus many of my favourite bloggers are on somewhat of a hiatus because they have suddenly started having babies, getting married and writing books (not all simultaneously of course!) Which is great for them, but not so great for me, cos they were my travelling companions…but..the upside is my cupboard/fridge/freezer is currently bursting full of alternative flours that are probably all sitting there (as I am) wondering what I’m going to do with them so I decided to get up off my butt and do/bake/blog something. I’ve created the curious baker to inspire myself in the kitchen so join me as I document my successes…and failures on a different kind of journey.


4 thoughts on “Why the blog?

  1. i enjoy eating baked stuff and lately i thought of cooking or rather baking something up. i was just generally searching for something and i landed here. your blogs look pretty good. m planning to try a few..

  2. I’m sending your blog to my daughter who has gone gluten free ( a year ago) and is now having another baby. Her blog is lovelycrumbs.com. Then I’m going to try your ginger cake!

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