Buckwheat and Prune Oatmeal Biscuits/Biscuits aux pruneaux, flocons d’avoine et sarrasin

I’m in a rule breaking mood today. This recipe ticks all the cookie box criteria but for some strange reason, I’ve decided to call them, biscuits like a good English girl. 😉

I don’t know why, but when I think of cookies, the word conjures up images of soft, chewy, dreamy confections, maybe with melted lumps of chocolate chips inside…hmmm….

but biscuits, well biscuits are beautifully crunchy and crisp, and make lots of lovely noises when you eat.These biscuits are more of the soft dreamy variety, but they’re so much more than cookies in disguise! They are healthy, nutritious and delicious…

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Double Heart and Ribbon Cookies/Biscuits double cÅ“urs & biscuits décoratifs

I have to admit, I haven’t exactly been looking forward to this post.

I thought of just posting a few days later with a recipe that was so delicious, you’d forget that I’d missed Valentines Day. Yes folks, it’s almost that time again.

Have a look around and you’ll see blogs everywhere professing the virtues of love with a romantic follow-up recipe that celebrates the pleasures of perfect coupledom. Look a little harder and you’ll find…


I guess you could say that this year, I’m somewhere on the other end of the spectrum…you know… loud arguments in the street, broken promises and maybe a smashed car window or two 😉

until that is…I fell in love

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